First BBQ of the season

View attachment 23557 Molly’s saying hurry up dad & get it lit:)

Big ask over loft conversion.

I fully expect to get the response of getting a structural engineer in. I do have a contact for one but in some respects want to pre-empt what he might require.
I am a spark but have done several full home renovations so am not entirely clueless, but still innocent in many respects.

I am converting my loft into a bedroom.
I have a hip roof and even though my architect pal insisted i go for a gable end to maximise space i didnt want to compromise my solar panels that i have on my hip and...

Big ask over loft conversion.


When screwfix Pete going to do his job properly, you have nonces posting sick messages and yet say a swear word and you get a ban for **** sake do something

Welcome relief from O'KEEFFE'S Working Hands hand cream

As winter approaches, the colder, harsher weather conditions start to affect the skin on the hands of those regularly working with them.

Adjustable garden screening from Grange Fencing

For garden get-togethers and alfresco dining, the Adjustable Slat Garden Screen from GRANGE FENCING is the ultimate addition to any outdoor area.

New commercial director for Waitrose

Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson, is to retire at the end of January 2017, while Rupert Thomas, currently marketing director, will move into the commercial director role.

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