Leakage problems in a apartment.

Can anyone tell me the causes of a leaky ceiling in an apartment building and let me know how to fix this problem?

Concrete Mix vs Strength

Hi All,

I am looking at extending my concrete sectional garage, so will most likely need to break up the old slab, and pour a new one to the correct size.

From what I have gathered the Cement doesn't give the concrete its strength, it is the aggregate which gives it the strength, but the Cement binds it all together.

Now my question is what would be stronger.

5 : 1 mix of All-in Ballast/Portland Cement


6 : 1 mix of All-in Ballast/Portland Cement

If you work it out per kg, for...

Concrete Mix vs Strength

Polystyrene in loft

Tight as ever, can I use polystyrene sheet to insulate a vaulted ceiling as it will be covered by pink plasterboard on new frame. just so happens I've got it in my junk pile
Vaulted ceiling https://imgur.com/a/25mIZIr

Welcome relief from O'KEEFFE'S Working Hands hand cream

As winter approaches, the colder, harsher weather conditions start to affect the skin on the hands of those regularly working with them.

Adjustable garden screening from Grange Fencing

For garden get-togethers and alfresco dining, the Adjustable Slat Garden Screen from GRANGE FENCING is the ultimate addition to any outdoor area.

New commercial director for Waitrose

Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson, is to retire at the end of January 2017, while Rupert Thomas, currently marketing director, will move into the commercial director role.

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