Help with decking foundation

Hello all,

I want to build a deck to the maximum step height above ground, we'll be stepping onto grass. I was going to make it 8" above the grass level, I assume this will be OK?
To keep the joists above ground level, I was going to use 6x2 timber and build a solid concrete foundation. This will be finished with concrete blocks laid on their fronts so 215mm wide. The total width of the decking area is 13 feet, so I was going to build 3 foundation strips, one at each end and one in the...

Help with decking foundation

Boiler move results in losing two radiators getting heat?

I recently had my combi-boiler (Bosch Worc) moved from the house to the garage. There are two radiators now not getting hot.
We have tried, bleeding, minor warmth, but not sustained. We've power flushed the system, no improvements. We've tried balancing the system, little to no improvements.
The boiler is 5 years old and we had no problem prior to the boiler move.
Are there any ideas or help from any one.

1st generation hive wireless controller to my biasi combi boiler

Usually quite good at this stuff but have an issue I hope some one can help me with.
I have bought a hive wireless controller system for my combi boiler.
I believe I have followed all the instructions and manuals to the letter but I can't get my boiler to fire up now.
I have connected the hive wireless system as I should and it all connected with green lights as it should.
The only issue I have is when I manually press the central heating button on the hive wired controller box as...

1st generation hive wireless controller to my biasi combi boiler

Welcome relief from O'KEEFFE'S Working Hands hand cream

As winter approaches, the colder, harsher weather conditions start to affect the skin on the hands of those regularly working with them.

Adjustable garden screening from Grange Fencing

For garden get-togethers and alfresco dining, the Adjustable Slat Garden Screen from GRANGE FENCING is the ultimate addition to any outdoor area.

New commercial director for Waitrose

Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson, is to retire at the end of January 2017, while Rupert Thomas, currently marketing director, will move into the commercial director role.

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