Gravity fed shower problems which type do I need?

Hi our current shower is a mira sprint, we often have problems with it, the cold water tanks are in airing cupboard above hot water cylinder. Similar height to the shower head. No tank in loft. Water comes from a borehole. We have a pump under the bath..... Is this the correct set up?
We have bought a mira go to replace it with as it was stopping and starting will this work?
Hope you can help!! Thanks

So how's Brexit going?

I'm winning a bet very soon.

Oak Frame Car Port

Hi, I recently moved to a house with a newly built oak frame open fronted double car port with a pitched tile roof. I am in the process of securing one side as a workshop the other side for a car. I am going to hang Barn style double doors to one side but unfortunately the current openings have oak ‘braces’ either side which are restricting me hanging the doors. Are these braces purely decorative or do they provide additional support for the oak beam across top? Can they be cut out and moved...

Oak Frame Car Port

Welcome relief from O'KEEFFE'S Working Hands hand cream

As winter approaches, the colder, harsher weather conditions start to affect the skin on the hands of those regularly working with them.

Adjustable garden screening from Grange Fencing

For garden get-togethers and alfresco dining, the Adjustable Slat Garden Screen from GRANGE FENCING is the ultimate addition to any outdoor area.

New commercial director for Waitrose

Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson, is to retire at the end of January 2017, while Rupert Thomas, currently marketing director, will move into the commercial director role.

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