VW T5 Conversion

For anyone interested, this is a good link.

You need to scroll down a bit.

I am after doing similar on layout.
Any suggestions on light weight alternative materials.

Whats the weirdest thing you have found?

The house we have bought and are renovating has it's fair share of "quirks" and previous bodges but what I found this morning takes the biscuit.

I removed a bookcase from a wall with the plan to install a fitted wardrobe instead. This bookcase (homemade) was fitted with a couple of electrical sockets which I had planned to relocate to the sides of where the wardrobe will be.

Cut a hole to fit a backbox in the wall and to my surprise there is a pvc window inside our bedroom wall...

Whats the weirdest thing you have found?

What really grinds your gears?

View attachment 22260 I'll start it off with this.

Welcome relief from O'KEEFFE'S Working Hands hand cream

As winter approaches, the colder, harsher weather conditions start to affect the skin on the hands of those regularly working with them.

Adjustable garden screening from Grange Fencing

For garden get-togethers and alfresco dining, the Adjustable Slat Garden Screen from GRANGE FENCING is the ultimate addition to any outdoor area.

New commercial director for Waitrose

Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson, is to retire at the end of January 2017, while Rupert Thomas, currently marketing director, will move into the commercial director role.

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